Insert Stonks Ecosystem NFT

Context - We will be generating a 5000 collection of unique Insert Stonks nfts which will be on the ERC20 Blockchain (Ethereum), we will be releasing these nfts to give-back and reward the true believers of Insert Stonks. These 5000 nfts will be extremely valuable holding multiple benefits and utilities such as:
  • Early access to new games released on the platform.
  • Exclusive prize pools on selected games.
  • Future access to our token Airdrop.
  • Marketplace benefits
  • Access to all future Insert Stonks NFT collections.
  • Access to Exclusive Giveaways.
  • And much more...
Launching our nft will open many opportunities for us as a community like, collaborating with the biggest communities in web3, attracting new users to our platform etc. As we want to reward our true believers at Insert Stonks, we will not be charging for those who have access to mint our nft - IT WILL BE FREE!!