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Dear Friends, Players, Americans <3 arrow

Take part in this competition - all to create with you great tournaments, to challenge friends, earn rewards, and determine who is the finest player in your community, town, country.

You are the heart of all that we do. Our goal is to create excitement and togetherness that gaming brings.

With love and anticipation,


From Friday 15th of September to Friday EOD - 22nd of September 

Results: 25th of 5PM CET 

  1. Invite new users, your friends 
  2. We will reward top 10 countries 
  3. And in each country top 3 referees   


1st place: 500.000 GGAME as GiftCard 

2nd place: 250.000 GGAME as Giftcard 

3rd place: 100.000 GGAME as Giftcard


Start inviting your Friends - GAME IT ON!

We are building back the protocol in a way you never seen. Upcoming wee a lot of news and actions. New brands with Insert Stonks and some surprises too :)

Invite your friends and let the games begin!



Fellow Gamers!

To alleviate risk of account suspension, its essential for you to thoroughly read through and understand the platform’s terms and conditions.


Insert Doge


The battle has begun, and the gaming wasteland awaits your triumph! 

Join NOW for the most adrenaline-fueled Post-Apocalyptic Weekend of Gaming EVER! 

$1000 PRIZE POOL up for grabs! 

8 games to conquer! 

Ends: THIS Sunday July 23rd - 10PM UTC 

HURRY! Secure your spot and dominate the Wasteland! JOIN NOW


Game On!

Stop what you are doing and take it now or you might be late :)

- Early access to new games released on our platform.
- Exclusive prize pools on selected games.
- Full access to the Insert Stonks ecosystem.
- Full access to our future NFT Collections. 
- Future token airdrop.

Go and take it :)